The Bullpen

The Bullpen

If you are a resident of DHA, Karachi, then you can’t miss The Bullpen DHA 7 and 8 office. They have two (2) locations. Each office has its own uniqueness and I will cover both. However, I will talk about only The Bullpen DHA 7 office location in this article.

DHA Suffa University

As a DHA resident, I can’t miss DHA Suffa University. If you are aware of the university location then you can’t miss The Bullpen DHA 7 location. Since, there not lots of high rise buildings; so you can easily find The Bullpen DHA 7 location. There is a huge board marking The Bullpen. You really can’t miss it.

If you are a student at DHA Suffa University; you would need to hang out with your crew at The Bullpen DHA 7 location. Why someone would want or need that? For one plain reason. Artistic reasons. You have to understand that technology is created and designed by the understanding the need of humanity. There are courses taught in several western universities and colleges where they teach User Experience Design or simply UX.

Writers and UX

Let’s talk about the iPhone or any other smart device or even a car. You need offices where you can think critically and precisely to design the details. That can’t be done in a loud and crowd space. You need private space but being very cost effective. Then, at the same time, you need surroundings and the environment to design or even write a novel.

Did you know that writers need complete peace of mind and need quiet place to think and write? The ideas are produced and written in a rough draft manner and later they are refined and filtered.


Manhattan Express

The Bullpen DHA 7 location has a chick style deli type restaurant. It’s called the Manhattan Express. You can also visit their Facebook page. Their barista are cool and friendly. You would just love to talk to them about the menu and they love serving. It’s their passion to make coffees. I can’t rate the restaurant 100% but I can say that it’s a cool place to hang out before work, during work and after work. I believe in Smart Work and Hard Play. This is the place. In their coffee menu; they have iced mocca and iced chocolate, espresso, black coffee, iced latte, iced frappes, cappuccino, iced Americano.

The Bullpen

They also have bagels in the morning. I love bagels. When I was living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA; my everyday breakfast was cheese bagel and a black coffee. You just got to love the cold black coffee.

Are you diet cautious? Then you need to try their Keto Salad. They have other salads on the menu as well. It’s light and delicious to the mouth.

There are several offices nearby The Bullpen DHA 7 location and they order or dine in with their staff. It’s an awesome place to be at either alone doing your assignment, projects or simply to chill.

The Bullpen DHA 7 Location

It is far from the city hurdles. It is about 15 km from Hassan Square, Gulshan-e-Iqbal area. It’s about 30-45 minutes ride. It may take more during rush hour. For a person traveling to this location would be either a writer who needs calm place to write or a designer who needs something to design.

This location is near the beach. If you love beach, and you want to hang out at Sea View after work; this is the location.

Bicycles Stand at The Bullpen DHA 7

The Bullpen

The cool thing about this location is that they have bicycles stand at the location. This feature is perfect who are DHA residents and need to chill out at Manhattan Express or their shared or private office. It’s a known fact that we need to control our thirst on petrol. Bicycles are the best exercise equipment and if traveling with a group, it increases network. You can lock your bicycles and there is a guard on site 24/7.

Roof at The Bullpen DHA 7

This building is a 4-floor building. The coolest floor of this location is the roof. You really want to hang out there either alone and feel the sea breeze or with your teammates in corporate training style. You need to self-motivate yourself and go out of the home and relax. You know you need the sun on your skin.

Roof has already catered corporate training to their staff. The Bullpen has different clients in surrounding areas. The ambience and the environment and specially the sea breeze will automatically relax and motivate high pressured executives. It’s easier to close any deal when you are relaxed. The catch is you need to know how to engage and how to communicate.

The Bullpen

Fashion designers can do photo shoot on the roof to show their designs in the sun. You can bring in models and have them try different designs to showcase your ideas.

Since Karachi has limited place to hang out for the family and individual; this place is the place to spend time. Why? The beach is near and you need to relax.

The Bullpen

Now, this is the time that you understand your company culture and start to bullpen. In slang language, it means share your space among your junior staff. You as a company owner is warming up your junior staff to bring in the revenue. It’s easier to communicate with neighboring colleague rather than going to the manager. The shared spaces are easier to manage, very cost effective and increases productivity.

Despite good stuff, there are some cons as well. There will be increased risk and lack of privacy. The noise may disturb the co-workers.

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