The Bullpen DHA 7

The Bullpen DHA 7

The Bullpen DHA 7 location is situated at address 44 – C 1st Commercial St., Khalid Commercial Area, Phase 7 Ext. Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Sindh 75500. It is near DHA Suffa University.

Capacity: 110 person

Number of Floors: 4

Rooftop Access: YES

Lift Access: YES

Private Rooms: YES

Shared Rooms: YES

The Bullpen DHA 7 Ext Pictures

The Bullpen DHA 7 Ext Offices Pictures

The Bullpen DHA 7 Ext Open Spaces Pictures

The Bullpen DHA 7 Ext Team Room Pictures

The Bullpen DHA 7 Specs

This location is the perfect location if you need serenity and cool and calm place to do you work. You can be an IT consultant who needs to work on client’s monitoring servers and networking; you can be a writer, a graphic designer, an artist, a medical consultant, or simply a student.

Why work with CoVurc for The Bullpen DHA 7

CoVurc Team brings more savings when you work with third party. We are the middle person between The Bullpen and their clients. We can bring bigger savings on a yearly basis. We work diligently with the owners of the building to reduce any ambiguity.

You can think of CoVurc as your Asset Manager who handles all your real estate headaches. You don’t have to pay bills, increase your startup head expenses.

Call us at 0333-5444-678 or simply email at to visit this location.