Tenant Background Checks

Tenant Background Checks

We require background checks for each tenant who will occupy the shared space on our network premises. Please download the pdf and print and sign. You can email to vurc@covurc.com the signed copy.

Tenant Background Checks Cost

  • Single Tenant: PKR Rs. 3,000.00
  • Up to Twenty (20) Tenants: PKR Rs. 2,300.00
  • Up to Fifty (50) Tenants: PKR Rs. 1,700.00

Who will pay?

Definition: Tenant is a person who will rent the desk either hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly at CoVurc’s shared network places.

Tenant will pay for their background checks. CoVur’s shared network will not pay any background checks. It is tenants policy to provide proof of background check to CoVurc.

CoVurc is a division of Intelisales.