CoVurc Partner

CoVurc Partner

If you are a Property Owner or lease holder and would like to become a CoVurc partner within our network then please fill the form. There are several benefits. If you are a lease holder; then you must have a written signed proof that you can share offices. CoVurc help each premises to market and make sure their safety.


  • Marketing
  • Increase Revenue
  • Background Checks for safe guarding everyone who uses the premises
  • Increase your network

Membership Details

  • One (1) year term is required for membership with CoVurc.
  • Background Checks are mandatory of each property owners for security reasons.
  • Proof of Ownership or Proof of lease holder of the property is required for security reasons.
  • Payment Method: Check only or online transfer to Intelisales Business Bank Account. Who is Intelisales? Please click here.
  • Set-Up Fee PKR (Rs.): 3,000.00 per Property Owner
  • Set-Up Fee includes CNIC background check of the Property Owner. If more than one Property Owner, then all CNICs background checks are required. This agreement is void until all the Set-Up fee is paid in advance for all the Property Owners. Invoice will be generated. 17% taxes are exclusive of Set-Up fee.

Fill out the form please.

    Property Owner Information
    Site Address
    Building Information
    Do you have the following? Bathroom facility on the premises? (required) Generator on the premises? (required) Kitchen or Lunch Area on the premises? (required) Peon services on the premises? (required) Masjid area on the premises? (required) Printer on the premises? (required) Scanner on the premises? (required) Personal locker on the premises? (required) Meeting Room or Conference Room on the premises? (required) Parking space on the premises for both cars and bikes? (required) Furniture for the desks provided on the premises? (required) Land line telephone services available on the premises? (required) Mail and parcel management on the premises? (required) Security cameras installed on the premises? (required) Do you have human security guards on the premises? (required) Tuck shop available on the premises? (required) Do you allow 24/7 access to the co-sharing facility? (required) Do you have recreational area on the premises? (required)
    Any Messages?
    Who are you?